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                  Jiangsu Manjieke Co., Ltd. Jiangsu Manjieke Co., Ltd.

                  Dear friends: Hello, everyone! Thank you very much throughout the years and all my colleagues to give support and assistance of Jiangsu Man Jieke Ltd.!
                  Jiangsu Man Jieke Ltd. since its inception, has always been to scientific and technological innovation as the driving force to keep the product of the industry's leading target, we have received the relevant departments of the certification authority. We are committed to: the company's current and future development process, we must adhere to the people-oriented, science and technology enterprises, the purpose of community service enterprises, resolutely to re-quality, weight management, innovation, and service, and keeping promises. Adhere to the product safety in the first place, continue to forge ahead in perfect, perfect in progress. Efforts to offer more green, safe and high quality products and best service to shipbuilding, railways, ports and other transportation industry!
                  Friends, welcome to our company and guiding work!
                  We would like to continue Manjie Ke team full of passion, enthusiasm, and interact well with everyone, we like to keep learning enterprise.
                  Man Jieke colleagues With sincere gratitude waiting for your arrival.
                  Allowing you to feel happy about our intentions service!
                  thank you all!




                  Add: Hengji Industrial Park, Jianhu County, Jiangsu, China  Tel: +86-515-86585888 / 86585999  Fax: +86-515-86584139 / 86280098  E-mail:master@manjieke.com
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